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09-Sep-2017 13:13

The following code sample, “Show Book” is an example of an Action Method. Important Note: All public methods of a Controller in ASP.

NET MVC framework are considered to be Action Methods by default.

Back to top I have written a separate detailed blog post to understand the Difference between ASPX View Engine and Razor View Engine.

You can follow the link to get detailed step by step description here.

Most important differences are listed below: If we are 100% sure that we are only going to use say ‘Razor View Engine’, and Web Form View Engine will remain idle/unused all the time, then we can remove the unused View engine by following the below simple steps: This will slightly improve the performance of our ASP. The same approach we can use to add our own custom View Engine.

A View Model basically acts as a single model object for multiple domain models, facilitating to have only one optimized object for View to render.

And controllers have specific methods for each user actions.

Each request coming to controller is for a specific Action Method.

NET MVC is that it separates the input and UI logic from business logic. NET MVC is to contain all application logic including validation, business and data access logic except view i.e. Model is normally responsible for accessing data from some persistent medium like database and manipulate it, so you can expect that interviewer can ask questions on database access topics here along with ASP. Back to top If we need to apply some specific logic before or after action methods, we use action filters.

Microsoft has streamlined the development of MVC based applications using ASP. Further passing that model to view which then transforms the model and generate an appropriate response that is rendered to client. NET application, incoming requests are mapped to physical files such as file. NET MVC framework uses friendly URLs that more easily describe user’s action but not mapped to physical files. NET MVC application and presses “go” button, routing engine uses routing rules that are defined in file in order to parse the URL and find out the path of corresponding controller. So, in short, its a mechanism to maintain state between controller and corresponding view.